About Our Circles of Activation and Practice

What to Expect

  • An intimate human-sized circle of 9-16 practitioners
  • Live 2-hour sessions with Terry every 2-4 weeks—mostly video, but sometimes via audio link
  • Support in developing your personal project
  • A group chat forum for spontaneous sharing and connecting
  • Prayer and communion
  • New dharma talks
  • Intimate sharing
  • Integral We-Space practices

How You’ll be Asked to Engage

  • Weekly practice sessions of mutuality and awakening with a partner (at mutually convenient times)
  • Small group pod meetings between sessions
  • Occasional supplemental readings
  • Coaching and support for your project, while you report your progress and milestones

Time Requirements

  • 9 months: August 2017 – April 2018
  • 1-3 hours per week. Each week consists of:
    • a 30-minute session of dyad practice with a partner (partners will change regularly)
    • a group meeting (either with Terry or with your small circle “pod”)
    • sustaining daily practice & readings


  • $99/month

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