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An Invitation to a Circle of Practice

Have you, like me, felt “drafted” into a new level of evolutionary service by our wild and wooly times? Do you recognize the inseparability of the “inner work” and the “outer work”?

Have you experienced a calling to go deep, and a resonant awakening into action — and yet are clarifying the forms of your expression, and finding the support necessary to bring your gifts fully into life?

If ever life called us to come together in friendship, practice, and activism —with enough coherence and depth to propel us into a different reality—it is now.

This is a time when many of us feel called. What are we called to? It’s something new, but it resonates with the kinds of “calls” people have responded to in the past. The call to join a monastery. Or to set up camp with the revolutionary cadre hunkered down in the mountain jungle. Or to participate in a circle of activation and practice.

I invite you to join with me and a band of brother and sister citizen-practitioners as together we “up our game,” develop and launch our projects, deepen our practice, and forge deep, lasting friendships as we discover what it takes to inhabit a new republic of the heart.