The Next Step in the Evolution of Awakened Activism

For the past six years, I’ve taught and practiced in circles of mutuality. These small groups of 9-16 people have offered a unique opportunity for people to be supported in their practice as we all deepen and grow, building intimacy with ourselves and one another and a sense of what it’s like to have true companions in the deep territory of our inner work.

We’ve prayed together, speaking with “the tongue of the heart” on the very edge of wonder, grief, and love. I’ve watched people’s lives and consciousness develop and transform — often in beautiful and unexpected ways. I’ve come to deeply love many of these people, and powerful friendships have formed among us. It’s been incredibly rewarding.

In the earliest groups, I taught Integral Spiritual Practice. Over the last two and a half years, I have focused on Integral Soul Work. I have offered teachings, but what’s proven most powerful and alive is when I share, spontaneously and authentically, what I am exploring in my own growth and learning.

What began as experiential learning courses that included personal coaching, has evolved into sacred hermeneutic circles of deep friendship and mutual awakening practice, more and more spontaneous, alive, and current. Over time, I’ve shared myself more fully, vulnerably, and candidly, communicating the growing edges of what I’m learning, and how I’m challenged and inspired, to activate others into a transparent community of practice and citizenship.