What Course Graduates Are Saying…

After 30 years of searching and experimentation, it was Terry Patten’s powerful Integral Spiritual Practice course that finally helped me evolve from being a spiritual seeker to being a spiritual practitioner. Terry helped me metabolize many of the deep spiritual truths I had only glimpsed before, transforming me in the process.

Grant Hunter, Silicon Valley, CA


After studying with Terry I had a completely different view of the events of my life. I no longer saw my life as a victim story, but rather as the soul journey of a heroine.  The loving encouragement of Terry and my fellow students was instrumental to this change of heart.  Best of all, some of the others on the course had similar experiences to mine.

Maria Baes, Ontario, Canada 


I’ve been a student and practitioner of Integral Theory and philosophy for 15 years, and Terry´s teachings are for me by far the most “integral” I’ve ever seen. They cover Spirit, Heart, Soul, Mind, Body and Shadow from multiple perspectives with the aim of shift and enactment in daily life. Especially his Heart-Teachings, which have brought me a new level of understanding, perception and practice. They are what my soul was deeply asking and yearning for—for 51 years.

Jochen Becker, Dusseldorf, Germany


Through Terry’s skillful facilitation, our group bonded quickly and we were able to do very deep soul work together while having a lot of fun. This experience was highly integrative for me. The caring invitation to do deep work in a safe and loving we-space birthed new awareness and shifts for me that I will be mining for some time. It naturally evolved to new awareness of needs of others in the world and what I need to be doing to address some of those needs. I found Terry’s dharma talks to be soul nourishing, highly instructive, deeply inspiring and very encouraging.

Barbara Kinney, Arlington, VA