The Primary Elements of the Course

1. Circle meetings with me every 2-3 weeks

2. Structured bi-weekly meetings among Pods of 4-6 people

3. Weekly meetings with a partner, practicing evolutionary mutuality

Our Circle meetings (#1) will meet mostly via online video. I will offer an opening prayer and dharma talk, then we’ll break into small groups. I will participate directly in those small groups.

We will “boldly go” to our limits, endeavoring to call one another to what Alain Gauthier, a veteran of this work, calls “Evolutionary Co-Leadership”. I look forward to us establishing a vision of possibility first, and also a clarity about what holds us back.

Then we’ll undertake an archetypal sequence, a bit like that described by Otto Scharmer in his “U Theory”, an elegant model of how groups and individuals break through stuck places, creatively advancing into new evolutionary territory.

4. Once we have established our intentions and container, each of us will engage a period of discipline and purification.

Each of us will design our particular form of “prayer and fasting”. I will lead off. We will share our regimes with each other (this might be a regime of more intense exercise, of a more disciplined daily schedule, or a juice fast, or a purifying diet, or the giving up of certain foods or drinks). In our own ways, we will “press the reset button” on our bodies and minds, even as we attempt to participate in the much greater reset of our collective world. We will also track our progress, learn together and support one another.

5. Having arrived in a state of profound receptivity, each of us will open to a vision of practical expression—a personal project.

At this point we will each create or bring forward a personal project. We will workshop our personal projects in small groups. The project will be on a scale appropriate to you — from self to family to community to city to nation to world. In this way, we will each put a stake in the ground, one that will require us to grow. We will give and receive mentoring and support. We will go beyond our attachments and social faces, coming to a new understanding of what we are capable of, and redefining what we can enroll others in. Some of us may join together in our projects. We will see where our energies are flowing , and we will allow them to synergize and multiply.

6. When not meeting, we will stay in touch. We will create a forum to briefly and quickly share our wins, challenges, inspirational resources, personal updates, and support.